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About the Author

Aaron D McClelland was born and raised in East Vancouver, intimately familiar with the underbelly of organized crime and the streets where many of his stories take place. Aaron has written professionally for 40 years, crafting stories, articles, and plays that other people wanted. Now he is writing for himself about a breed of people he's known his entire life in all their imperfect glory.

In Aaron's novels, the gangsters win - cops and courts are just background noise. He will immerse you in a world where crime is the norm, where bad guys have a conscience. His characters fall in love, have children, and sometimes have their hearts broken. The women in his stories are strong and as imperfect as their male counterparts; they sweat, swear, laugh, and love deeply without shame. If you want perfect characters, read someone else's books. If you want people you can relate to, read his.

Aaron now lives in a sleepy lakeside community in the Okanagan region of British Columbia where tourists come to die.

Message from the author ...

"There's an old saying — coined in Hollywood — that states: 'Crime Does Not Pay'. Well, I call bullshit.

"The successful gangsters in this world are invisible to society and never come under public or police scrutiny. They can be your neighbour, your in-law, your friend, or your mayor. They fall in love, mow their lawns, read their children bedtime stories; in other words they're just people, no different than you or I. I have known many successful gangsters in my life that fall under this description ... and so have you."

“It's a sad and beautiful world.” Aaron D McClelland

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